What do Millar Soda Blasting do?

Millar Soda Blasting are specialists in fine media blasting. The company developed as an offshoot of a successful Classic Car restoration business where specialist knowledge of blasting a wide variety of materials and coatings was required. Where no satisfactory solution was available, our engineering background allowed us to develop our own processes and methods.
Subsequently, we have developed specialist knowledge in blasting delicate precision machinery, polished stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, copper, brass, fibreglass, hard and soft timber, stone, brickwork, marble and many other materials. We have been involved in cleaning everything from irreplaceable carburettor assemblies from rare sportscars to timber beams and bronze war memorials.

We don't just blast with soda!

Sometimes a harder media is required to remove certain coatings. Soda is perfect for the delicate touch but will not remove rust, thick stove enamel and certain other coatings. Here we use a number of different media but even when the going gets tough, we can still use a delicate touch. We can blast a very fine, hard media at remarkably low pressure, ensuring minimal damage to the underlying surface. This allows us to blast, for example, rusty sections of a car shell without risk of distortion or deformation. We also use this harder media for cleaning very delicate stonework and intricate carvings, retaining the fine detail without damaging the original stone. Whatever the application, we can usually come up with a solution.

We manufacture pots too!

Our work with classic cars led us to investigate the possibilities of a portable soda blaster for use around the workshop and for use by enthusiasts at home. We tried a number of offerings on the market and found that they were either far too expensive or just simply didnt work. Armed with our engineering knowledge, we have developed a very useful portable pot, capable of blasting soda correctly and in a very effective manner. Read what Classic and Sports Car thought of it in their May 2010 issue here. Suffice to say, they liked it! We have subsequently also developed a conversion kit for existing similar sand blasting pots.
The latest addition to our product lineup is a portable hard media blasting pot, with our own specially designed metering valve capable of blasting a very fine hard media called 'Archifine' at pressures as low as 15psi up to 120psi. This allows the removal of rust from steel and yet is delicate enough to remove tough coatings from aluminium without damaging the underlying material.