MSB offer many different services and can blast with virtually any media, though our speciality is Soda and blasting delicate and intricate items.
We blast items at our workshops, where we have facilities to blast everything from a cylinder head to a statue.

Soda is the only correct way to clean a bronze statue or memorial without damaging the surface and removing the patina. Many polished surfaces such as marble and stainless steel can also only be cleaned with soda without damage.

We offer full blasting services to car restorers. We can soda blast a shell at our worshops, ensuring that the correct media is used at the corrert pressure so as to cause no damage. This includes aluminium body panels, thin sheet steel and fibreglass. We can, if required, follow up the soda blasting with hard media on rusty areas, leaving clean steel ready for protection and repair.
Engines, gearboxes and axles can be blasted - degreasing and cleaning in the process. Delicate carburettor assemblies, electrical ancillaries and mechanical parts blasted clean with no fear of dangerous hard grit entering the internal working.

We also blast aircraft and helicopter parts. Blasting with soda ensures that no soft materials or delicate mechanical components are affected during the cleaning and stripping procedure.

Any plant or machinery can also be blasted and degreased, ready for painting, with no harm to motors, pumps and valve gear.

We also blast food production line and kitchen components with soda - degreasing, deodourising and neutralising naturally, just using harmless baking soda.

We ensure that whatever the task, the job is done correctly and the best possible result given.

We no longer offer a mobile service but can blast most parts at our workshops.