Armex® FLow XL Blasting Soda

25 Kilos of Armex Flow Formula XL for use with the MSB Soda Blasting pot.
XL has a particle size of about 280
microns. This large particle is excellent for coatings removal and heavy cleaning applications.
In a workshop environment with no specialist moisture traps in use, normal blasting soda will prove problematical due to moisture in the air.
A cheap £30 moisture trap just will not remove enough moisture. We know... we've tried them all. FLow XL is the answer. The Flow XL contains the flow aid MoistureGuard™ 8 making the media 8 times more resistant to moisture than regular baking soda or other baking soda abrasives. These flow aids are very important in a blasting operation to ensure that the media is running continuously and consistently through the metering valve to the nozzle. Because the blast equipment runs on compressed air, clumping and clogging of media is a primary concern for blasting operations particularly when working in high humidity environments. While flow formulas can remain dry even in water, following blasting the moisture resistant barrier is broken and the waste media is fully water soluble.
In the long run, the small extra cost of Flow XL will be more than compensated by lack of wastage and down time.

£34.50 Carriage(Mainland UK) £10.00

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