MSB Soda/Hard Media 80Kg Blast Pot

Twice the capacity of the 40Kg pot but identical in every other way. Specifically designed to blast 'Archifine' hard media at low pressure or Soda at higher pressure, this pot is fitted with our own design of metering valve assembly to flow a fine, hard media at pressures as low as 15psi for soft surfaces and up to 50psi for really tough coating.
Perfect for removing coatings and rust from hard surfaces. It leaves a finely etched surface on metals,  perfectly keyed for painting.
Comes complete with everything you need to load up with Archifine or Soda (not included) and start blasting, including full instructions and face hood. Requires a compressor supplying a minimum of 8cfm.
We strongly recommend the use of Archifine hard media because its very good and not dangerous, though any fine media will work.
This pot will blast soda with no modifications.
Be aware that if you use this pot for both media, there is a chance of contamination of hard media in the soda - a potential problem if blasting engine components. Why not buy both pots?

£289.95 Carriage (Mainland UK) £10.00

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